The Academic Research Council, which is attended by 11 national and private universities such as the University of Tokyo and Keio University, has put together recommendations for securing basic research funds and enhancing research support measures.He urged the government to strengthen its support, saying that the environment surrounding domestic universities is becoming more severe and the financial base required for research is shrinking. increase.

According to the Academic Research Council, the title of the proposal is "The importance of continuously supporting a variety of original and diverse research based on free thinking."In the proposal, at this year's Nobel Prize, Professor Satoshi Omura of Kitasato University won the Medical Physiology Award, and Professor Takaaki Kajita of the University of Tokyo received the Nobel Prize in Physics. He pointed out that he was ranked second in the world and that his original research based on free thinking had achieved results.In order to continue to promote such research, it is essential to strengthen national support.

Three specific research support measures were mentioned: national university operating expenses subsidies and private school subsidies as basic research expenses, enhancement of scientific research expenses subsidies, and 30% indirect expenses.The operating cost subsidy of the national university was 3 billion yen in FY2015. Compared to fiscal 1, it has decreased by 945 billion yen, or 2004%.Private school subsidies also peaked in 1,470 and are declining year by year.Under these circumstances, he said that he could not support original basic research, and urged him not to further reduce operating grants and private school subsidies.

Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research was highly evaluated as a core financial resource that supports excellent research at universities and is easy for researchers to use.However, since the budget amount has been flat since 2012, we are requesting an increase in the budget amount.

Regarding indirect expenses such as expansion of academic literature and purchase of goods, it is difficult to directly deal with research expenses, and we have applied operating expenses subsidies and private school subsidies, but it has become difficult due to the reduction of grants etc. indicate. The 2016 budget requires that all research expenses be externally added to direct expenses and that 30% of indirect expenses be taken.

Source:[Academic Research Council] Recommendation: About the importance of continuously supporting a variety of original and diverse research based on free ideas

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