Tokyo Institute of Technology will start education on data science (DS) and artificial intelligence (AI) for all graduate students from 2020.In implementing education, we will cooperate with Yahoo! JAPAN and global companies in Japan and overseas to develop human resources who can contribute to solving social issues and creating new industries by combining the advanced expertise of graduate students with DS / AI.

 As the number of universities promoting AI literacy education to undergraduate students regardless of liberal arts or science increases, Tokyo Institute of Technology, a comprehensive science and engineering university, has provided basic information education to students in the first year of the bachelor's program.Against this background, from 1, we will start advanced information education for the first time in Japan to equip students studying advanced specialized fields at the graduate level with the core background of DS / AI.Not only using DS and AI as tools, but also sharing them with each other enables collaboration and co-creation that transcends the boundaries of specialized fields, and provides advanced human resources who can promote cutting-edge research and development and social implementation. Cultivate.

 Specifically, we will set up a specialized course called "Data Science / AI Special Specialized Study Program" to educate basic and applied courses of DS / AI.Students who take classes and exercises in pairs and earn credits that meet the requirements will be awarded a certificate of completion in the name of the president at the time of completion.The basic subjects are mainly the Faculty of Information Science and Technology, and the faculty members of all the schools also participate in the education of big data processing, AI programming, deep learning, etc.In applied courses, practical lessons and exercises will be conducted by instructors from Yahoo! JAPAN and global companies in Japan and overseas, with the theme of issues in the real world.

 The program is scheduled to start in the 2019th quarter of 4 (December 2019).Starting with a trial lesson, this lesson will start in the first quarter of 12 (April 2020).In addition to cooperating with Hitotsubashi University and Ochanomizu University for DS / AI education at each university, we are also considering expanding to in-house training and recurrent (lifetime) education for working adults.

Reference: [Tokyo Institute of Technology] Data science and AI education for all graduate students

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