Shiga University's efforts to transform from a humanities and social sciences university to a university that integrates humanities and science with the establishment of Japan's first Faculty of Data Science (tentative name) was selected as a national university reform strengthening promotion subsidy project by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.In collaboration with Shiga University of Medical Science, Kyoto University, and Osaka University, we aim to bring together diverse knowledge and knowledge in the field of natural science, develop cutting-edge educational programs without precedents, develop teaching materials, and establish a quality assurance system for education.Utilization of big data is expected to lead to the creation of new industries, and is likely to attract the attention of the business community.

According to Shiga University, in 2016, not only statistics and data analysis, but also information management experts were gathered to open the Data Science Education and Research Center.After investigating the actual situation of university education in Japan and overseas and the human resources required by companies, we will start a new faculty in 2017.
The new faculty has a capacity of 100 people.In addition to taking classes for front-line researchers in collaboration with other universities, we are planning collaborative classes with Nagahama Institute of Biotechnology and Shiga University of Medical Science.We would like to comprehensively analyze data such as purchase history of shopping cards, boarding records of IC tickets, electronic medical records, etc., and proceed with research on top-selling products and trend predictions, lean medical examinations, efficient guidance of people, etc. It's an idea.

In the age of big data, it is widely required to create added value by utilizing data, but Japanese universities do not have a specialized department of statistics, and there are very few human resources with data analysis skills. The situation continues.The appearance of the new faculty is expected to attract great expectations as a step toward breaking the current situation.

Source:[Shiga University] About selection of 27 "national university reform strengthening promotion subsidy"

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