Tokoha University (Shizuoka Prefecture) Hamamatsu Campus Faculty of Business Administration Unno Seminar students aimed to revitalize the city with the cooperation of "Kakegawa Machizukuri Co., Ltd." Established "Tokoha Gumi".Fifteen seminar students (third graders) are engaged in a rickshaw business around Kakegawa Castle as a "machinaka bustling creation project".

 With the aging of rickshaw operators, "Kakegawa Machizukuri Co., Ltd." took over all rights related to rickshaws and "Kakegawa-gumi".Then, the company called for "Energizing the area with young power", and the seminar student Umino, who used to be a place for field research and research on urban revitalization events and historical and cultural facilities, responded and realized it.

 "Rickshaw Tokihagumi" started operations in mid-September 2015.In the same month, we paid a courtesy call on the mayor, and after that, we unveiled it at the "City Naka Event" venue and started full-scale operation.Rickshaw runs about four times a month on weekends, centering on the course that goes around the historical and cultural zone centered on Kakegawa Castle.
Mr. Okawa Ito (3rd year, Faculty of Business Administration), who became the representative director, said, "I learned the rigor and difficulty of management that I could not experience in class. I would like to make further efforts to meet the expectations of the local people. "

 料金は、1名:2,000円、2名:3,000円(10分のショートコースは500円) 。今後の運行日は、11月21日(土)、23日(月)、29日(日)と予定されており、12月以降の予定に関しては、かけがわ街づくり株式会社(0537-61-1151)まで。

Source: [Tokoha University] Established "Human Rickshaw Tokoha Gumi", a project to create a lively atmosphere in the city.

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