O-net, Inc., which provides a marriage partner introduction service, conducted a "love / marriage awareness survey" for 2020 new adults (618 men and women each) who will reach the coming-of-age ceremony in 309.

 In 2020, O-net will celebrate its 25th survey on love and marriage among new adults.The feature of the report is that it includes not only the consciousness of love / marriage and the results of behavioral surveys, but also the economic and social conditions at that time, and the influence of various social backgrounds including natural disasters.

 According to the survey, when asked "Are you currently dating the opposite sex?", "There is the opposite sex currently dating" was 29.6% overall, 23.3% male, and 35.9% female.It has remained at the same level as the past three years. "How did you get to know your partner?" Was 3st overall "on campus (university / vocational school)" 1%, 32.3nd "acquaintance until high school" 2%, and 21.3rd "net (SNS)" 3%. rice field.

 Regarding the view of marriage, when asked "Do you want to get married in the future?", "I want to get married" was 79.1% overall, which was the same level as 2019% in 79.3. In "How old do you want to get married?", The highest percentage of men and women want to get married is "25 years old", and 7% of women want to get married by 26 years old and 6% of men want to get married by 27 years old. Became.


 One of the reasons may be related to the release of vital statistics (preliminary report) by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare at the same time as the survey (November 2019, 11).Based on this announcement, it was reported that the number of births in 26 will be less than 2019, which is the lowest ever, so it is possible that the answer was "I don't know 90% (21.5% in 2019)".However, considering that the percentage of "I want children" was 18.1% 25 years ago, it seems certain that the transition of the response results correlates with the declining birthrate and the decrease in the number of births in Japan.

 The new adults surveyed were born between April 1999, 4 and April 2, 2000.In 4, when they were born, a countdown was held for the "Millennium" worldwide, and the "Year 1 problem" in computers became a hot topic worldwide.In 1999, the new currency "Euro" was born in Europe.The i-mode service has started in Japan, and "Dango 2000 Kyodai" has become a big hit in the music world, and "Railway Worker" and "Armageddon" have become popular in the movie world.

Reference: [O-net, Inc.] The 25th New Adult Love and Marriage Awareness Survey

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