The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences of the University of Tokyo has the world's largest private educational institution "EF Education First (Headquarters Switzerland)" that develops study abroad and language education business, and learns a second language and uses a second language. Announced the start of the world's first joint project to identify brain mechanisms related to.

 In the joint project, "How does the human brain process language?", "How does the brain work when using a second language compared to the first language?", "Overseas By clarifying questions such as "What is the difference in brain activity between learning a language and learning a language in Japan?", The overseas experience (language understanding and language table) seen among language learners. The purpose is to investigate the effects of (ex) on the brain.

 In the future, we plan to use MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) technology to study the structure and function of the brain during understanding and acquisition of a second language, "EF Education First". Through, we will investigate the role of experience by comparing the brain structure of students before and after engaging in language learning at home and abroad, and by examining brain function while using a second language.

 Regarding this project, Professor Kuniyoshi Sakai of the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Comprehensive Correlation Sciences said, "Language is one of the human abilities that are biologically naturally produced through the brain. We are lifelong. We are exploring the brain mechanisms that form the basis of the acquisition and experience of language and art. We are very pleased to be able to work with EF on such a project this time. "

Source: [EF Education First Japan Co., Ltd.] EF in the study abroad / language education business and the University of Tokyo-The world's first joint research on "brain science" second language acquisition started

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