Kanro Co., Ltd. has released a special package of "Voice Care Throat Lozenges" jointly developed with Kunitachi College of Music at the directly managed store "Hitotsubu Kanro" from November 2015, 11.

 "Voice care throat lozenges" is a product jointly developed by Kanro Co., Ltd. with Kunitachi College of Music in 2010 under the concept of "throat lozenges for people who value their voice."A throat lozenge made with 7 kinds of herbs such as propolis, loquat leaves, olive leaves, and ginger. It has a menthol feel and is targeted at people who speak and sing a lot.

 In developing "Voice Care Throat Lozenges," Kazuo Kobayashi (at that time) and students of Kunitachi College of Music focused on "opera singers" who are more abusive of voice among "people who use their voices often". We proceeded with the development with reference to our opinions.The aim was "a taste that you can feel the effect and never get tired of eating." We prototyped more than 60 types of throat lozenges and spent three years completing the "Voice Care Throat Lozenges" that transcended the boundaries between companies and schools.

 The special package "Voice Care Throat Lozenge" has a cute design with musical notes in a round can with a diameter of about 8 cm.Every year, Kanro Co., Ltd. has established November 11 as "Throat Candy Day" from the puns that read "good (15) people (11) ko (1) e", and this special package is also " Limited release to coincide with "Throat Candy Day".The price of the special package "Voice Care Throat Lozenge" is 5 yen (tax included).It is available at Hitotsubukanro Tokyo GRANSTA store (inside B650F Gransta in JR Tokyo Station) and Hitotsubukanro Osaka LUCUA 1 store.

Source: [Kanro Co., Ltd.] Limited package products of voice care throat lozenges are on sale for "Throat Lozenge Day"!

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