On January 2020, 1, at an elementary school in Kadoma City, Osaka Prefecture, an open class was held to announce the results of programming using the humanoid robot "Pepper".Students from the Faculty of Business Administration at Otemon Gakuin University have supported this activity.

 Before programming education becomes mandatory in elementary schools from 2020, Kadoma City, Osaka Prefecture has been trying programming education using "Pepper" with the cooperation of Softbank Co., Ltd. since December 2019.Otemon Gakuin University, which has a partnership agreement with Kadoma City, cooperates with this initiative.Eight seminar students of Professor Koji Mizuno of the Faculty of Business Administration have supported the programming education of the sixth graders of Kitasumoto Elementary School in Kadoma City.

 In the classes so far, the children are divided into 7 teams and set up scenes such as a zoo and a cake shop. I have been working on programming thinking about how to utilize "Pepper". On January 1th, "Pepper" was actually run as an announcement of the results of the lessons so far.

 Prior to class support, the students learned programming support techniques under the guidance of Tetsuya Fukuda, director of the Robot Programming Education Promotion Office of Otemon Gakuin.Mr. Fukuda has experience of participating in the Robot Contest World Championship for 6 consecutive years at Otemae Junior and Senior High School of Otemon Gakuin.

* "Pepper" is a trademark and registered trademark of Softbank Robotics Co., Ltd.

reference:[Otemon Gakuin University] Trial programming class using humanoid robot "Pepper" in Kadoma City Students support robot programming class (PDF)

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