Osaka City University has started a study to clarify how much physical activity is required for the good growth and development of children's physical function and physical strength in urban areas.In addition, we will investigate what kind of lifestyle is effective to secure the amount of physical activity.

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 According to a survey by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, children's physical strength and athletic ability have continued to decline from around 60 to the present.Lifestyles in this age group are thought to influence lifestyles and physical fitness after adulthood.Insufficient exercise during this period may lead to early onset of metabolic syndrome in adults and middle-aged.Nonetheless, few studies have been conducted in this age group to investigate the relationship between actual physical activity and physical fitness.Therefore, it was not possible to obtain information on how much exercise is necessary for the development of children and what kind of lifestyle is necessary to secure that amount of exercise.

Associate Professor Kazunobu Okazaki of Osaka City University Urban Health and Sports Research Center and others surveyed 160 students of Osaka Municipal Sakuyakonohana Junior and Senior High School about muscle and fat mass measurement, physical fitness measurement, and lifestyle. We will investigate.In addition, we will conduct a survey by measuring the actual amount of physical activity using a measuring instrument for one week and keeping a record of daily life.This survey is the first in Japan to carry out a follow-up survey during the junior high and high school age, and will be useful for future life guidance for junior high and high school students and curriculum organization for physical education related subjects.

 As the governor of Osaka Prefecture, Toru Hashimoto, raised the issue when he saw the results of the national physical fitness test in 2009, the problem is that the physical fitness level of children in Osaka Prefecture is the lowest in the country, especially among the nationwide declines in physical fitness. It is being viewed.It is expected that this research will improve the physical strength of children nationwide in Osaka Prefecture, and will also stop the nationwide decline in physical strength.

Source:[Osaka City University] We will start a survey of "Physical activity and lifestyle of children in urban areas"

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