From January 2020 to 1, 25, demonstration of an autonomous driving social implementation demonstration project under the theme of "movement by tourism-type MaaS on remote islands" at Himakajima, Minamichita Town, Aichi Prefecture, where the entire area is included in Mikawa Bay National Monument Experiments will be conducted and Saitama Institute of Technology will cooperate.

 In this demonstration experiment, an autonomous bus runs on the outer road (public road) of about 3.62 km on Himakajima.Saitama Institute of Technology will provide vehicles for autonomous driving buses under development, and will technically support local autonomous driving on public roads.During the exhibition period, the Governor of Aichi Omura, Himakajima residents, general tourists, members of the Aichi Autonomous Driving Promotion Consortium, etc. will test drive.The crew of the Meitetsu Bus who received the training on autonomous driving will monitor in the driver's seat.

 In addition, this time, with the aim of further improving the convenience of self-driving cars, we will provide transportation and tourist information linked to tickets released by Nagoya Railroad, and confirm boarding using the face recognition system installed at the bus entrance. , We will carry out various simulations such as the operation of boarding fee settlement using face recognition in the future.

 Saitama Institute of Technology, which is engaged in research and development of autonomous driving, has participated in many demonstration experiments on public roads nationwide since October 2017.The self-driving bus will be released on August 10, 2019, and will cooperate with multiple demonstration experiments in Saitama Prefecture and automatic driving of public roads within the legal speed (maximum speed 8 km) with citizens in the Harima Science Research City of Hyogo Prefecture. ..Currently, we are conducting a demonstration experiment as a school bus on a public road connecting the university campus and the nearest station.

reference:[Saitama Institute of Technology Autonomous Driving Special Site] Saitama Institute of Technology cooperates with the autonomous driving social implementation demonstration project in Himakajima, Aichi Prefecture-Technical support for the provision and operation of autonomous driving buses-

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