Kanazawa Seiryo University has announced the preliminary report of successful applicants in 2019 in the "CDP (Career Development Program)" pass program for students aiming for professional profession such as civil servants, teachers, and tax accountants.The total number of successful applicants for each course exceeded 100.

 CDP is a program originally prepared by Kanazawa Seiryo University and Kanazawa Seiryo University Women's Junior College for students aiming to break through professional exams such as civil servants, teachers, and tax attorneys.While many students go to prep school for these difficult exams, they can take it at the university without the need for a double school, and they can aim to pass the active duty together with their peers.


 The teacher employment exam has a pass rate of 1% for the primary exam and a pass rate of 86.7% for the secondary exam, with a total of 2 students passing at elementary school, junior high school, and high school.76.1 graduates also passed.Two tax accountant exams have passed the bookkeeping theory, and one each has passed the financial statement theory and the Consumption Tax Act.

 From fiscal 2019, we will review the existing system and start the NEW CDP SYSTEM with more support. Introducing basic subjects in the first half of the first year, setting a period to consider careers until the course is decided, selecting scholarship students who are exempt from tuition fees after the second year, and incentive system (passing reward) by job type that passed the examination I prepared it.Further results are expected by making it easier for more students to take on challenges and increasing their motivation to pass.

* The number of successful applicants is as of December 2019, 12.

reference:[Kanazawa Seiryo University] [CDP] 2019 pass bulletin!

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