Kagawa Nutrition University, in collaboration with Kinki Nippon Tourist Metropolitan Area and Club Tourism Co., Ltd., with the cooperation of Isumi City, Chiba Prefecture, is a one-day gourmet tour "Recommended by female nutrition college students! Planning "Eat and walk at the morning market of Ohara fishing port! Ranch exquisite gelato & Isumi railway, Taitozaki". It was released on the official website of Club Tourism from February 2020, 2.

 From November 2019, the Department of Food Culture and Nutrition, Faculty of Nutrition, Kagawa Nutrition University will start a lecture on "Regional Tourism Business Theory" with the cooperation of Kinki Nippon Tourist Metropolitan Area. With the goal of "the role and possibility of tourism from the perspective of exploration, tradition, and development of food culture, planning and planning that leads to attracting local tourists," all classes on basic knowledge and current status of tourism, and regional revitalization through food are provided. It was carried out 11 times.

 In the class, we also conducted fieldwork such as actual tourism resource surveys and tour planning, and presented the tour materials planned and planned by the students as a culmination.Therefore, Isumi City, Chiba Prefecture was the stage for tour planning that was particular about food.Isumi City is located in a rich natural environment surrounded by the sea and satoyama, and is a production area with excellent ingredients.We are aiming to be a "city where people gather by food" such as the sea where many high-class fish are caught, ranches that stick to regional circulation type feed, and naturally brewed sake. became.

 In this tour, students will distribute Isumi City's "Food Report" to the participants. Utilizing the results of the "Regional Tourism Business Theory", it is a compilation of the research conducted through interviews with producers and their own experiences. It is the content.

Reference: [KNT-CT Holdings Co., Ltd.] Kagawa Nutrition University x Kinki Nippon Tourist x Club Tourism Jointly planned Tour release to visit Isumi City, a gastronomic city!

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