In February 2020, Reitaku University established the Reitaku Moral Education Society, which is based on the Department of Moral Education, Graduate School of Education, Reitaku University.This is the first time in Japan that an academic society for moral education based on a graduate school has been established.

 In recent years, with the shift to moral subjects, the establishment of moral education as a subject education has become an issue.Therefore, we decided to establish this time from the idea that we should revitalize moral education as an academic field and promote dialogue between theory and practice more than ever.

 The purpose of the academic society is to widely disseminate the research activities of the graduate school to domestic and overseas academia through publication of academic journals and holding conferences, and to promote research exchanges.The name of the academic journal is planned to be "Morality Education Research", but the academic journal with the name "Morality Education" will be the first in Japan.

 With the establishment of this society, the establishment general meeting will be held from 2020:15 on Saturday, February 13, 30.The venue is Reitaku University Building Asunaro 2508th floor, XNUMX classrooms.Admission is free and there is no entry fee.

reference:[Reitaku University] Established Japan's first graduate school-based moral education society "Reitaku Moral Education Society" Aiming to establish moral education as a subject education

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