A research group led by Professor Kazunori Kataoka of the University of Tokyo and Professor Nobuhiro Nishiyama of the Tokyo Institute of Technology has developed nanomachines that can be used for cancer treatment.This may allow cancer treatment without the need for a scalpel in the body.

 You might think of a nanomachine as a small robot, but in reality it uses the properties of chemical substances.The inside of the tumor is slightly more acidic than healthy tissue.Due to this difference, the nanomachine developed this time is made by solidifying the drug with a substance called calcium phosphate that dissolves only around the tumor.Combining this with neutron capture therapy makes it possible to treat cancer.A drug containing a substance called gadolinium is used for neutron capture therapy.When gadolinium is exposed to radiation called thermal neutrons, it emits powerful radiation.While thermal neutrons have little effect on living organisms, radiation from gadolinium damages cells.By administering gadolinium only to cancer lesions using a new nanomachine and exposing it to thermal neutrons, it is possible to destroy only cancer cells without destroying normal cells.

 When the mice were treated in the experiment, the growth of cancer cells could be suppressed without any noticeable side effects.Gadolinium is also used as a contrast agent to make organs visible on MRI scans.The use of this nanomachine will make it easier to inspect tumors.

 Speaking of cancer treatment so far, removing the lesion by surgery has been the first option, but not only is it a heavy burden on the body, but there is also the possibility that the cancer cells will not be removed and will recur.This method can be treated with less burden.Furthermore, because the test is easy, it is expected that the risk of missing cancer cells will be significantly reduced.Future cancer treatments may be hospital-free day-trip treatments.

Source:[Tokyo Institute of Technology] Developed a nanomachine that realizes "uncut surgery" -Toward the realization of one-day cancer treatment-

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