The High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK), in collaboration with Osaka University, Seoul National University, etc., is thought to have become the source of the gold nuclei existing on the earth by colliding xenon and platinum nuclei. The generation was successful.It can be expected to be the key to clarifying why there is so much gold on the earth.

 An atom is made up of a nucleus with positive electricity in the center and surrounding electrons.Atomic nuclei are made up of more protons and neutrons, and the number of protons and neutrons determines the type of atom.For example, a carbon nucleus has 6 protons and 6 neutrons, but a gold nucleus has 79 protons and 116 neutrons.Atoms with this small number can be formed by combining nuclei inside a star.On the other hand, it was not well understood how heavy atoms like gold were made and why they existed in large numbers.The prevailing theory is that the nuclei may meet when a star far from the Earth, much heavier than the Sun, explodes.

 At this time, what is important is the nucleus with 126 neutrons. 126 are called magic numbers, and it is known that the atomic nucleus becomes stable without splitting.It is believed that this nucleus became a gold atom with 79 protons and 116 neutrons due to the destruction of neutrons over time.In this research, we succeeded in efficiently generating nuclei with 126 neutrons by colliding xenon nuclei with platinum and transferring some protons and neutrons from xenon.

 In the future, by measuring the time it takes for the atomic nuclei made in this way to change to gold, we will consider whether there is a possibility that the amount of gold that actually exists on the earth will be made.Ultimately, we aim to identify the celestial bodies that can actually do that.

Source:[High Energy Accelerator Research Institute] Discovered a clue to clarify the reason why gold and platinum are abundant in nature

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