The Faculty of Tourism, Josai International University has created a cafe map with the theme of "promotion of tourism from the roadside station" in a collaborative project with the roadside station "Kamogawa Ocean Park" in 2019.Students living in Kamogawa visit cafes and post information on 18 recommended stores. It is also transmitted as digital information using Instagram and Google Maps.

 The "Kamogawa Cafe Map" created this time is a collaborative project with "Kamogawa Ocean Park" (Kamogawa Road Station), which is carried out in collaboration with the Faculty of Tourism, Road Station "Kamogawa Ocean Park", and Chiba National Highway Office. Project) ”.The Faculty of Tourism has been working on the "Roadside Station Project" since April 3, and has positioned "Roadside Station" as a place for practical education at the university. We are researching and practicing concrete measures for the future evolution.

 At the Faculty of Tourism, Josai International University, students are learning practical tourism through seeing and thinking at the tourist site.It features strong practical education through field area projects in the local Kamogawa and Minamiboso.Students are trying to acquire the power of tourism media while thinking about and practicing how to utilize local information.

 In fiscal 2019, we will have a regional revitalization event "Hikari Satoyama" prepared in collaboration with residents in the Yomogi district of Kamogawa City, "JR East x Josai International University Faculty of Tourism" in collaboration with JR East, and Faculty of Tourism. A total of 50 people, including 93 students from the Faculty of Environment and Sociology and students from the Faculty of International Humanities, participated in a town walking event, "Let's Jack Togane with 100 people !!"

 The "Chartered Ozashiki Train" Hana "and Tateyama Student Guided Bus Tour" held on December 2019, 12 was held with Club Tourism Co., Ltd. after the disaster in the Minamiboso area, which was severely damaged by Typhoon No. 15 in September. It was jointly planned in a hurry.About 9 participants gathered on the day of the tour, and it was carried out and held safely.

Reference: [Josai International University] The "Kamogawa Cafe Map" planned in collaboration with the roadside station "Kamogawa Ocean Park" has been completed!

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