A new research project that utilizes big data for comprehensive community care has started with a two-year deadline, led by Professor Nanako Tamiya of the University of Tsukuba Medical School.This is a major project adopted by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare to develop a comprehensive community care system that is indispensable in an aging society.We aim to be the cornerstone of tomorrow's medical and long-term care policy in Japan.

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 Comprehensive community care is a support system necessary for the elderly to continue living in their own way in the area where they are accustomed to living until the end, and is positioned as an important policy in a super-aging society.The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare aims to prepare by 75, when the baby boomer generation will be over 2025 years old.In promoting this policy, it is essential to understand the actual conditions of long-term care services and regional differences at the national level.However, in medical research so far, the treatment of these issues has been limited to specific researchers in specific areas.

This project analyzes big data related to national and regional long-term care toward the realization of comprehensive community care, and evaluates the current usage and quality of long-term care insurance services.This will clarify regional disparities and problems in long-term care services, and show the ideal way of effective services and the grounds for them.We will also consider cooperation with more effective medical care.These results will be useful for policy making in the country and each region for high-quality comprehensive community care, and will also contribute to human resource development.

 This is a two-year project, so it may seem very short, but considering the establishment of a comprehensive community care system by 2, it is an issue that must be addressed immediately.Japan is the fastest aging society in the world, and overseas people are paying attention to what measures to take.I hope that it will serve as a model for realizing a high-quality life for the elderly.

Source:[University of Tsukuba] Started a research project to promote comprehensive community care using big data!

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