Keio University, investment bank, and securities holding company Nomura Holdings (CEO, Koji Nagai, Tokyo) established a new company "Keio Innovation Initiative" (President Kotaro Yamagishi) in December with the aim of investing in university-launched venture companies. I agreed to do so.The new company will support the creation of new industries by forming a fund for venture company investment utilizing the research results of Keio University.

 The new company will be established under Keio Academic Business Association (President Yasuhiro Hirao, Tokyo), an affiliate of Keio University.The capital is 5,000 million yen.Keio Academic Business Association will own 80% and Nomura Holdings will own 20%. We plan to solicit investment from financial institutions and business companies in the first half of fiscal 2016, form a venture capital fund (investment limited partnership), and start investing in venture companies originating from Keio University.

 Keio University has established the Research Collaboration Promotion Headquarters, which centrally manages industry-academia-government collaboration, and has endeavored to create and nurture venture companies.As a result of providing intellectual property from domestic and foreign patents born in the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Science and Technology, and Shonan Fujisawa Campus, 1998 Keio-launched venture companies have been born since 13, including "Buy Cube" and "Human".・ Three companies, "Metabolome Technologies" and "SanBio", are listed.

 Atsushi Seike, President of Keio University, said, "We believe that it is our mission to return the results of our unique research to society and build a sustainable society. With the establishment of this new company, we will further contribute to society through our research results. I want to move forward. "

Source:[Keio University] Keio University and Nomura Holdings agree to establish venture capital

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