Hokkaido has declared a state of emergency due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection.Kitami Institute of Technology, which has a campus in Kitami City, is planning to conduct an individual academic ability test for the entrance examination for the year of Reiwa 2020 (3) on March 3, 2020. Announced that it will be cancelled.Applicants will be notified by phone of the cancellation of the individual academic ability test by the end of March 3.

 The late entrance examination was scheduled not only at the university campus but also at the Tokyo and Osaka venues.The person in charge of the entrance examination section of the Kitami Institute of Technology says, "For all applicants involved in this examination, the results of the National Center Test for University Admissions and the contents of the survey will be comprehensively judged to determine the pass or fail."Details of successful applicants, admission procedures, etc. will be posted on the university website by March 3.

 In addition, the Faculty of Education of Hokkaido Kyoiku University has announced that it will cancel the individual academic ability test at the examination site for the general entrance examination (late schedule) scheduled for March 3th and 12th.Due to the cancellation, the teacher training course (Sapporo school, Asahikawa school, Kushiro school) will be selected in the order of total score by integrating the results of the National Center Test for University Admissions and the contents of the survey.The Department of International Regional Sciences (Hakodate School) will determine successful applicants based on the scores of the National Center Test for University Admissions and the contents of the survey.Department of Arts and Sports Culture
(Iwamizawa School) will comprehensively judge the results of the National Center Test for University Admissions and the contents of the survey report, and will replace the individual academic ability test, etc.
After the exam is confirmed, the changes will be announced on the university homepage.

 As of March 3, Hokkaido University has announced on its university homepage that it will be implemented as originally planned.To prevent infection on the day of the test, it is recommended to wear a mask even during the test time.

reference:[Kitami Institute of Technology] Notice of cancellation of the university's "Individual Academic Achievement Test (3/12)" related to the spread of new coronavirus infectious diseases
[Hokkaido Kyoiku University] Hokkaido Kyoiku University Faculty of Education General Entrance Examination (Late Schedule) Changes in Implementation Method (PDF)

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