Professor Shigeo Kikuchi and his desired students visited Zanzibar Island in the United Republic of Tanzania, East Africa in August 2015 as part of a fieldwork class at the Department of International Communication, Faculty of Humanities, Meisei University (Hino City, Tokyo).A panel photo exhibition that expresses the experience at that time with photographs and texts is currently being held (October 8 to December 2015, 10 at the university library).

 In this fieldwork, students will visit Zanzibar Island for 10 days.The goal is to cultivate the ability to understand diverse cultures and values, and to improve practical communication skills through understanding different cultures.By visiting the site, the aim is to understand what we have learned in class through "skin sensation."
During your stay, you will visit the historic buildings of Stone Town, which is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site in the center of the city, interact with locals, and visit spice plantations.Professor Kikuchi, who is in charge, said, "I want the students to have the experience of reconstructing a world view that is completely different from what they were before visiting Zanzibar Island." It changed a lot. "

 The department conducts a variety of fieldwork, as well as a trip to a coffee plantation in East Timor and an NGO ACE that goes to India to protect children around the world from child labor. Participation in study tours, etc.As a future plan, fieldwork will be held in Cambodia in December 2015.

Source: [Meisei University] Zanzibar Island Panel Photo Exhibition Now Held

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