On February 2020, 2, Openwork Co., Ltd. announced "Ranking of Job Hunting Companies Selected by Job Hunting Students [Men and Women / Bunri]".We surveyed more than 26 students who are scheduled to graduate in 10 who are registered in the job market platform "OpenWork" for finding employment and changing jobs, and what kind of companies they are focusing on and starting corporate research.Introducing rankings by gender and literacy.


 By gender, Accenture ranked first among male students, Keyence, known for its high salary, ranked second, and Sony ranked third.Shiseido ranked first among female students, Accenture ranked second, and All Nippon Airways (ANA) ranked third.
Accenture is ranked first in the university rankings *, at the University of Tokyo, Waseda University, Keio Gijuku University, Meiji University, Aoyama Gakuin University, Rikkyo University, Chuo University, and Hosei University.

 A new employee at Accenture reports, "You can always challenge new fields, work hard with talented people, and develop the skills that any company can do."In addition, Keyence's word of mouth says, "What you get is an efficient way of doing work, back-calculation thinking to the goal, etc. A good company that is perfect for learning the illusion of work." However, in recent years, mid-career employees from foreign-affiliated companies and human resources from overseas have taken important positions, and it can be seen that they are actively trying to take in new blood. Also, like a cosmetics company, the opinions of women are respected. There is a tendency for many female employees to take important positions. "

 Next, let's look at the survey results by literacy.Nitori from retail ranked 4th, and Mitsui Fudosan from the real estate industry ranked 6th in the ranking of companies of interest to liberal arts students.Nitori's new employees said, "Although it is a corporate culture, the current denial is ingrained, and we can speak out not only about products, but also about systems and store layouts," Mitsui Fudosan said. You can exchange opinions about your duties. You can take on challenges without fear of failure. "

 In addition, Sony ranked first in science students, and NTT DATA ranked second.In addition, Toyota and Panasonic are mentioned, and it can be seen that they are strongly oriented toward major companies. New employees of NTT DATA said, "If the average age is young, and if it is a small system, you can become a team leader and gain experience in the second to third years after joining the company. There is also an in-house recruitment system and an internal recruitment system within the NTT Group. Depending on your motivation, you can improve your career. "

 In recent years, job hunting has been in a transitional period between old and new due to year-round recruitment due to the abolition of job hunting rules and review of internships.Meanwhile, it is thought that changes are appearing in the companies that students are paying attention to.

[Research Institute for Job Hunting by openwork] Ranking of companies to watch for employment selected by job hunters [By university] What are the companies of interest to each student at the University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, Soukei, and MARCH? Than

reference:[Research Institute for Job Hunting by openwork] Ranking of companies to watch for employment selected by job hunters [Men and women / Bunri]

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