Chiba University of Commerce has signed a climate emergency declaration document.This document contains three international institutions of higher education working on environmental issues: "EAUC" (University Environment Association, UK), "Second Nature" (Higher Education Climate Action Promotion Organization, USA), and "Youth and Education Alliance". (United Nations Environment Program) issued.Chiba University of Commerce is the first Japanese university to sign.

 This document (Higher and Further Education Institutions across the globe declare Climate Emergency) sets out three plans to address the crisis with students:
1. We promise to be carbon-neutral (plus or minus zero carbon dioxide emissions and absorption) by 2030 or 2050 at the latest.
2. Mobilize more resources for climate change research and capacity building.
3. Increase the provision of environmental education and sustainability education not only on campus but also to the community and society.

 In addition, this signature was announced on July 1, 2019 by UNEP, one of the leading institutions of this joint declaration, "More than 7 higher education institutions on six continents have agreed to a joint declaration of climate emergency." It will be in the form of expressing an agreement on that.

 Regarding the signature, President Sachihiko Harashina said, "The university sends information to society as a prefecture of wisdom, but it must be accompanied by actions. It is necessary to do it and make use of it in education and research, "he said, calling on other universities to expand the circle of decarbonization from the university community.

 Chiba University of Commerce formulated the "SDGs Code of Conduct" in September 2019, and issued the "Urgent Message for Intensifying Climate Change" in October of the following year.As Japan's first 9% renewable energy university, we have been actively researching and practicing climate change countermeasures.With this agreement, we will set a goal for carbon neutrality in 10, and will continue to work toward building a 100% renewable energy society both domestically and internationally.

reference:[Chiba University of Commerce] First signing of the international "Climate Emergency Declaration" as a Japanese university (PDF)

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