A new policy to increase the number of students enrolled by recommendation and AO entrance exams to 2018% by 3 has been included in the interim summary of the action plan for university reform of the Japan Association of National Universities.The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology is planning to introduce a new test that asks thinking ability instead of the National Center for University Entrance Examinations from 2020, but it seems that national universities will move to substantial entrance examination reform without waiting for the introduction of the new test.

Recommendation, expansion of AO entrance examination to 3% of capacity, new policy of Japan Association of National Universities According to the interim summary, the entrance examination reform of national universities will start in 2016. The goal is to increase the enrollment capacity to 2018% by 30, citing recommendations and expansion of AO admissions as "accepting high school / vocational school graduates with solid academic ability and diverse qualities". increase.According to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, only 2014% of the enrollees of national universities in 14.8 are those enrolled by recommendation or AO admission, and if they proceed according to the target, it will double.

In addition, in the interim summary, he stated that he would move to the implementation of interviews and survey report utilization in the second examination in four years from FY2019, and expressed his intention to start introducing the interview examination.Discussions will continue until the formulation of an action plan, but there is a high possibility that national university entrance exams will change earlier than the introduction of new tests.

The Ministry of Education is requesting each national university to abolish the faculties and graduate schools of humanities and social sciences and to reform the organization in line with the "Third Medium-Term Goals and Medium-Term Plans" starting in 2016.In response to this, the Japan Association of National Universities has been studying action plans since 3 in order to realize reforms under the leadership of the university itself.

Source:[National University Association] Announcement of "Action Plan (Interim Summary) on Future Vision of National Universities"

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