Currently, the environment surrounding junior and senior high school students' learning is undergoing major changes in response to a request for temporary closure due to a new coronavirus infection.Therefore, Studyplus Inc., which operates the learning management SNS "Studyplus", conducted a learning data survey on Studyplus and a survey of user awareness regarding changes in the learning environment after the school was closed.

 The learning data survey was conducted for first-year high school students and second-year high school students (for grades as of March. The number of study record users in Studyplus is compared to the same month last year, and the first year students are It was found that 3% UP and 1% UP for 2nd graders. Also, the study time per person increased by about 3% for both 1st and 21.7nd graders.
 The questionnaire survey was conducted on the Internet from April 2020 to 4, 10, targeting Studyplus users (junior high school to high school graduates) nationwide, and responses were received from 14 people.Items are about study location, study time, and the impact of school closure.It turned out that the place of study has changed from cram school, school, library to my room and living room.In addition, the most study time on weekdays was about 23,587 hours before self-restraint, but the most was 2 hours or more after self-restraint.It turned out that study time was longer than before self-restraint on holidays.The effects of the school closure include touching the smartphone and poor concentration, but there are also positive opinions that the study time has increased and that students can study at their own pace. rice field.

 As mentioned above, the learning environment for junior and senior high school students is currently undergoing major changes, and the importance of learning at home is increasing.In response to this situation, Studyplus is holding a "Challenge Together! Study Time Daily Challenge" to support home study from 4/17 (Friday) to 5/6 (Wednesday).Members who follow the official account aim to reach the target time every day.

reference:[Studyplus Inc.] [Studyplus School Closure Impact Survey] 40% increase in study time for high school students!As a result of the clear shift of learning to the home- "Challenge together! Study time daily challenge" to support home learning, which is becoming more important-

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