A research group at the Faculty of Science and Technology of Meiji University has announced that it will start a new project to reduce the power generation cost of silicon solar cells.The research period is scheduled for 2015-2019.

 The research group of Professor Atsushi Ogura, Department of Electrical and Electronic Life, Faculty of Science and Technology, Meiji University, has a research theme of "Research and development on common infrastructure for advanced composite technology silicon solar cell processes", New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization. Following the adoption of (NEDO) in the "Development of Power Generation Cost Reduction Technology for High Performance and Highly Reliable Solar Power Generation" project, we will start this new project.

 Until now, Meiji University has formed a consortium with companies with Toyota Institute of Technology, aiming to improve the efficiency and cost of crystalline silicon solar cells from 2010 to 2014, and started manufacturing raw materials for crystalline silicon solar cells. We have conducted consistent research and development up to solar cells, and have promoted research and development (trial production and evaluation) on technologies such as silicon raw material manufacturing, crystal growth, and solar cell manufacturing.As a result, we have made many contributions to the reduction of power generation costs, such as the development of thin plate slicing technology and the achievement of a conversion efficiency of 25.1% in heterozygous back contact cells.

 This time, Meiji University will add 6 universities, Kyushu University, Nagoya University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, and Hyogo Prefectural University, in addition to Toyota Technological Institute, and will launch a consortium that gathers know-how in their respective fields of expertise.Crystal / wafer, bonding, interface / surface, simulation, and physico-chemical analysis, which are indispensable for improving the performance of crystalline silicon solar cells by making maximum use of the human resources of each university and the equipment and facilities owned by each university. We will proceed with research and development on common basic technologies such as.


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