"Online Video Research Institute", a research institute specializing in video advertising operated by CyberAgent, Inc., has started research on the video advertising field in collaboration with Keio University.As the first step, we will conduct joint research on the actual living conditions of "people who do not come into contact with TV commercials."

 Online Video Research Institute and Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus / Kenji Kumasaka Laboratory have collaborated with industry and academia to "people who do not have a TV", "people who rarely watch even if they have a TV", and "watch TV but record it". We will conduct a survey targeting people who do not come into contact with TV commercials, such as those who just watch and skip TV commercials.The layer that does not come into contact with TV commercials is defined as "Low TVCM Reach Group", and the layer that comes into contact with many TV commercials is defined as "High TVCM Reach Group".We will classify them into 6 groups according to the contact frequency and conduct joint research on living conditions.

 The classification of the six groups such as "Lotere" and "Hi-Tele" is based on a survey conducted on about 6 people nationwide.Based on this survey data, we will compare and survey the Web media contact situation and living conditions in each group, and classify the six groups into further subdivided lifestyle models.Ultimately, video advertising that will reach targets, including those who do not come into contact with TV commercials, by embodying targeted advertising distribution and target persona images when advertiser companies carry out web promotion, and helping to refine advertising creatives. We aim to put the distribution to practical use.The announcement of the first research results is scheduled for January 2.


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