A research group led by Assistant Professor Sachine Yoshida and Professor Hiromasa Funato of Toho University School of Medicine found that infants over 4 months old relaxed when their parents hugged them.When hugged by parents, the rate of increase in heart rate interval is higher than when hugged by a woman who meets for the first time, and it seems that the parasympathetic nerve is activated.

 According to Toho University and others, the heart rate interval means the time interval between one beat of the heart beat and the next one, and the longer the heart rate interval, the lower the heart rate, and the shorter the heart rate interval, the higher the heart rate.The research group invited more than 1 pairs of 1-year-olds and their parents to the laboratory and asked the parents to hug them tightly, thinking they were cute.

 At that time, the heart rate interval of the 0-year-old child was examined and compared with the case of being hugged by a woman who had child-rearing experience. It turned out not to be as high.

 Even babies who are hugged quietly have different physiological reactions depending on the person they hug, and when they are hugged by their parents, they are relaxed. I suspect there is.

 Also, when mothers and fathers hugged their children, more than 9% answered that they were "relieved", but hugging increased the rate of increase in their heart rate intervals and made them relaxed.

Paper information:[IScience] Infants show physiological responses specific to parental hugs

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