GameWith Co., Ltd. has started research on "physiological and psychological effects of digital games on humans" in collaboration with the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, Baba Laboratory (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo).

 Based on the vision of "creating a world where games can be enjoyed more," the joint research will be conducted with GameWith, a company that operates a digital game strategy site, and Japan, which specializes in economic history, historical information theory, and content creation science. Professor Akira Baba of the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Informatics, who is engaged in the development and dissemination and enlightenment activities of digital game research in Japan as the chairman of the Digital Games Research Association.

 Currently, in digital games, the types of devices for enjoying games such as PCs, consoles, portable devices, and smartphones are diversifying, and with the appearance of game titles of various genres, the game player population in Japan and the world is increasing. It is increasing dramatically.However, on the other hand, despite the fact that about 30 years have passed since the birth of digital games, the impact of digital games on players has not been scientifically elucidated.Against this background, the University of Tokyo Graduate School Baba Laboratory and GameWith jointly combine subjective methods such as questionnaires and objective methods based on physio-psychological indicators to create a new "play" for humankind. It was decided to conduct research to clarify how digital games affect players.

 In the research, as a physiological and psychological method, the player's cerebral blood flow and pulsation during the game are measured, and the player's internal and external behavior is comprehensively analyzed using a line-of-sight measuring device.Through research, we aim to build a world where many players can play more fun by clarifying the essence of digital games and clarifying the "interestingness" of digital games.

Source:[GameWith Co., Ltd.] GameWith begins joint research with the University of Tokyo on "physiological and psychological effects of digital games on humans"

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