On November 2015, 11, the Japan Federation of Bar Associations held a nationwide "National Simultaneous Scholarship Problem Hotline" to provide free consultation on scholarship repayment.

 Currently, the number of people who have no choice but to rely on scholarships to go on to university is increasing due to soaring educational costs and growing financial difficulties, and it is said that more than half of the students are using the scholarship system. increase.In particular, the majority of scholarships are used by the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO), and many people are obliged to repay with interest.However, despite the use of scholarships, the number of young people who are struggling to repay their scholarships due to the expansion of non-regular employment is increasing, and the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) is also conspicuously strict.

 Japan Student Services Organization is an independent administrative agency that abolished the Japan Student Services Organization in 2004 and took over the scholarship business and international student exchange business of the Japan Student Services Organization.With the introduction of financial methods, thorough measures to strengthen collection have been promoted, such as outsourcing debt collection to debt collection companies, registration with personal credit information registration agencies, and the use of legal procedures such as payment reminder.After that, although the relief system for people with difficulty in repayment was expanded, it is difficult to say that it is being used properly due to insufficient dissemination.

 In response to this situation, the Japan Federation of Bar Associations cooperates with bar associations all over the country to explain the repayment exemption and deferment system of the Japan Student Services Organization, consult on legal arrangements and proceedings, and use scholarships from now on. We have decided to hold the "National Simultaneous Scholarship Problem Hotline", which provides free advice to those who want to do so.

Source: [Japan Federation of Bar Associations] The "National Simultaneous Scholarship Problem Hotline" will be held on November 2015, 11.

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