The research by Associate Professor Yasutoshi Kido of the Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka City University was adopted by the Japan Medical Research and Development Organization's "Emerging and Reemerging Infectious Disease Research Infrastructure Creation Project", and research on infectious disease countermeasures in the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa. It was decided to start the possibility verification for the establishment of the base.

 According to Osaka City University and others, the research theme is "translational research (* 1) base formation for social implementation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo."In addition to Associate Professor Kido, researchers from Osaka City University, Oita University, Osaka University, and Keio University are participating.

 The Democratic Republic of the Congo has about 5% of the causes of death under the age of 25 with malaria or 20 tropical diseases that the WHO (World Health Organization) must control, accounting for more than 10% of all deaths from malaria worldwide. ing.Therefore, it has been pointed out that it has the potential to become a new epicenter of the global infectious disease pandemic.

 The research group is exploring the possibility of establishing a base in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and in the future, it is looking to consolidate research and development other than this project and grow it into a base where new diagnostic methods, drug development, and policy proposals can be made. ..

 The research group said, "The spread of the new coronavirus has become a global problem, but we would like to accelerate the development of innovative technologies in the Democratic Republic of the Congo."

* 1 Translational research A wide range of research from basic research to practical application in the medical field

reference:[Osaka City University] Started verification of feasibility for establishing an overseas research base on infectious diseases in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

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