In May and June 2015, Toyo Eiwa Women's Academy (Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture) provided the refugee's hometown taste as a school meal and donated a part of the sales to the Refugee Support Association "Meal for Refugees (Meal for Refugees). M5R) ”(* 6).The project is planned and managed by volunteer seminar students of Professor Saburo Takizawa of the Department of International Sociology, Faculty of International Sociology.The students negotiated with the cafeteria and the university, and publicized the media.

 The reason for the activity was in December 2014, when I heard the story of Mr. Tuan Shankai (* 12), a second-generation refugee from Myanmar who is the representative of M2R.Mr. Shankai entered Kwansei Gakuin University with a recommended entrance examination for refugees.I was shocked by the fact that few people knew about refugees while talking with my friends, and started M4R activities in February 2 with the aim of deepening students' interest in and understanding of refugees.

 At the university, the first is Pakistani food "Mellow Chicken Curry", and the second is Burmese food "Chicken and potato spice stew", totaling about 1 meals.A part of the sales (2 yen per meal) was used for housing allowance, food, medical care, etc. through the Refugee Support Association.One of the students who participated said, "I learned that I am blessed with a comfortable life. I wish I could work for international cooperation someday."

 The number of refugee applications in Japan in 2014 was 5,000, the highest number ever, of which 11 were recognized.Currently, the number of universities working on M4R has expanded to a total of 19 universities (including those scheduled to be introduced) nationwide, and we plan to continue at that university from next year onwards.

* 1 An initiative that began with the recipe book "Flavours Without Borders," a recipe book created by the Refugee Assistance Association (JAR) with refugees living in Japan.A project to introduce the taste of the refugee's hometown to the menu of the student cafeteria and donate a part of the sales is being carried out around World Refugee Day (June 6).

* 2 Shankai's parents were persecuted by democratization activities and fled to Tokyo, but they could not apply for refugee status and their son Shankai was born in 1993 in an overstay state.I couldn't file a birth certificate. Only in 2006 did I get a special residence permit.


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