A research group at Kumamoto University has discovered that uric acid has the function of maintaining lung function in women.

 High uric acid levels are not good for your health because they cause gout and kidney disease, but uric acid itself is an essential factor for living organisms because it has an aspect as an antioxidant that weakens oxidative stress that causes damage to tissues. ..

 It has long been known that uric acid is abundant in lung tissue, but the effect of uric acid on lung function has not been clarified so far.In this study, when the uric acid level of lung pathological model mice was increased, it was found that the uric acid level of female mice only improved the symptoms of lung disease.On the other hand, when the uric acid level in male mice was high, the symptoms of the lungs did not change or even worsened.

 Furthermore, experiments using human lung epithelial cells revealed that uric acid suppresses oxidative stress on lung epithelial cells, and that this antioxidant effect is abolished by the presence of female hormones.This suggests that the protective effect of uric acid may be particularly strong in elderly women with reduced levels of female hormones.

 In fact, epidemiological analyzes of human dock examinees (aged 50+) have shown that females with high blood uric acid levels or genotypes that cause high uric acid levels maintain high lung function. It is said that it was found.This result, which proved that uric acid works surprisingly and protectively against the deterioration of lung function that progresses with aging and lung diseases only in females, will be used to improve health in consideration of gender differences. It is expected to be applied to the treatment of lung diseases.

Paper information:[Antioxidants] Higher Blood Uric Acid in Female Humans and Mice as a Protective Factor against Pathophysiological Decline of Lung Function

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