From September 2015, 9, the Faculty of Media Sciences, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Hachioji, Tokyo) and the Concert Promoters Association of Japan have formed an industry-academia tie-up to open "Live Entertainment Theory (Late)".Lecturers including music producer Masataka Matsutoya will be on stage in a relay format, and a total of 25 lectures will be held until January 2016.

 This course was held with the aim of "realizing the practical education required by industry", and this year marks the ninth year.In the promotion of culture and art, where the environment is changing rapidly with the evolution of digital technology, the goal is to develop industry-oriented human resources by allowing students to deepen their interest in and learn from the industry from an early stage.

 In addition to Masataka Matsutoya, Yoshitaka Hori, President of Horipro Co., Ltd., Shinji Hayashi, CMO of Avex Group Holdings, Inc., and Atsushi Meguro, Executive Director of Walt Disney Japan Co., Ltd., will be on stage.In addition, there are prominent instructors such as movie producers and musicians.

 In the same course held last year in 2014, lectures were given by music program producers on themes such as "what is most important at work" and by the president of entertainment production "music content in a global society". It was well received by us.

 One lecture is 1 minutes long and starts on Tuesday at the same university (Katayanagi Research Institute Building Underground Large Hall).Participants are students of the same university, students of Hachioji Gakuen City University Icho Juku, and students of affiliated universities.

Source: [Tokyo University of Technology] Notice of the opening of "Live Entertainment Theory (Late 2015)" by inviting lecturers who are active in the industrial world

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