The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Education Center for Practical Policy for Development and Childcare (Cedep, University of Tokyo) and Poplar Co., Ltd. jointly collaborate on the "Research on Children and Picture Books / Books" project with the aim of improving the reading environment surrounding children. We are working.We reported the results of the survey on the actual conditions of the picture books and this environment of childcare and early childhood education facilities nationwide, which was conducted as the first step of the research.

 In this study, while the number of preschool childcare facilities is increasing rapidly to solve the problem of waiting-list children, 33,566 childcare and early childhood education facilities nationwide (Certified Children's Garden, Conducted surveys targeting kindergartens, licensed daycare centers, non-licensed daycare facilities, etc.).The survey of picture books and books in childcare and early childhood education facilities was the first attempt, and responses were obtained from 1,042 gardens.

 According to the survey, regarding the annual purchase budget for picture books and books, 5% of the facilities with an annual budget of less than 60.4 yen were licensed nursery schools, 55.0% were kindergartens, and 41.1% were certified children's schools.Regarding the number of picture books and books, less than 300 were answered by 30.8% of licensed nursery schools, 9.8% of kindergartens and 7.7% of certified children's schools, and the number of books varies depending on the facility type. It was seen.

 On the other hand, the annual book cost per school in compulsory education facilities (elementary and junior high schools) is 1 yen for elementary schools and 49.8 yen for junior high schools (according to the 58.7 school library survey report).The collection of books is 2019 in elementary school and 10,335 in junior high school.Therefore, it can be said that the number of books in preschool and early childhood education facilities and the budget for books are very small compared to elementary and junior high schools.

 Foreign studies have shown that the educational environment for language, including picture books and books in preschool facilities, is important for children's language development, so guaranteeing the quality of picture books and books in preschool facilities in Japan. It is considered that there is an urgent need for efforts to expand this.

 In the future, Ceped et al. Of the University of Tokyo will investigate the actual conditions and excellent efforts of preschool children's picture books and this environment not only in childcare and early childhood education facilities but also in communities and general households, as well as digital picture books and animated videos. We plan to clarify the differences between picture books and books from the differences in the line-of-sight behavior and wording of parents and children.

* In this survey, "picture books" include general picture books, cloth picture books, children's books, pictorial books, and children's magazines (those shared by children).

Reference: [Poplar Publishing Co., Ltd.] Poplar Publishing Co., Ltd. x The University of Tokyo Cedep "Study on Children and Picture Books / Books" 1st Press Conference Report

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