On May 2020, 5, the Department of Architecture and Design, Faculty of Home Economics, Kyoritsu Women's University announced that it would hold a design competition "I to Design".We provide opportunities for junior high school, high school, and university students who are interested in the field of architecture and design to think about design and receive presentations and evaluations.

 Design is for living a better life, and it is necessary to observe people and the world closely, understand the feelings of the other person, and grasp things from all perspectives.Also, in the world of architecture and design, it is important to tell the other person how good your plan is.This competition is a proposal by a faculty member of Kyoritsu Women's University who is active as an architect and designer who has the opportunity to think about design and wants junior high school and high school students to have the experience of expressing their proposals and communicating them to the other party. It was planned with the hope that it would be evaluated and advised to test its abilities.

 The recruitment theme is "Summer".Any time (place / time / space) or thing (planar / three-dimensional) is acceptable.Image sketches, models, photographs of works, etc., with simple commentary, etc., are expressed by using one sheet of A3 paper horizontally.You can freely express the quality of the paper, pencils, coloring, photo sticking, etc.It will not be made into a panel, and submission of three-dimensional objects will not be covered.If you pass the second screening, you can bring it with you.The submission period is from August 1 to September 2020, 8 (effective postmark on the day).

 After multiple selections are made in the first round of judging, the final judging committee will be held at the "Kyoritsu Festival" of Kyoritsu Women's University on October 10, and the award will be decided after presentations by applicants.When the schedule changes due to the situation of the new coronavirus, we will inform you on the university web page at any time.

reference:[Kyoritsu Women's University] Design competition "I to Design" sponsored by the Department of Architecture and Design, Faculty of Home Economics, Kyoritsu Women's University

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