The Yamanashi University Wine Science Research Center announced on November 2015, 11, the joint development with Warehouse TERRADA focusing on wine aging and temperature range at the 7 Joetsu Convention of the Japan Grape and Wine Society.

 Since April 2014, the University of Yamanashi Wine Science Research Center and Warehouse TERRADA have been conducting joint research to verify useful temperature zones in order to pursue the optimum storage and storage environment for long-term wine aging.

 In the study published this time, each brand of red wine and white wine was stored in a Terrada wine cellar for 4 months under four conditions of 14 ℃, 35 ℃, 4 ℃, and normal temperature, respectively, and these wines were stored three times a year. Fixed-point analysis was carried out, and evaluation was performed by analyzing general components, color tones, organic acids, aroma components, and by taste recognition device, taste recognition device, and sensory test of taste, smell, and vision by sommelier.As a result, different evaluations were obtained for each temperature, and it was found that the temperature environment of 12 ° C promoted the complexity and spread of taste most and was suitable for wine aging.

 Yamanashi University Wine Science Research Center is the only research institute in Japan that specializes in fruit wine, and since its establishment in 1947, has been conducting research on wine and grapes from a wide range of fields along with the development of the Japanese wine industry.In addition, from a global perspective, we are currently conducting comprehensive research from basic research that makes full use of cutting-edge cell engineering and genetic engineering technology to the latest practical research on viticulture and winemaking.The center and Warehouse TERRADA will continue joint development with the aim of improving wine storage technology.

Source:[Warehouse TERRADA Co., Ltd.] Announcement of joint research with Yamanashi University

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