Nikkei HR Co., Ltd. and Nikkei Inc. conducted a "university image from the perspective of corporate personnel personnel" to ask the personnel managers of listed companies and leading unlisted companies about the image of the university as seen by the hired students. implementation.Hokkaido University ranked first overall in the ranking, and most of the top 1 were national and public universities.

 According to the survey, all listed companies and some leading unlisted companies (4814 valid respondents) were listed in descending order of the number of universities that have been hired as new graduates during the two years from April 805 to March 2018. We asked them to mention the school and asked them about the "image of the students" and the "image of the university's efforts."

 As a result of the survey, the university that received the highest evaluation from the personnel managers of companies was Hokkaido University.Next, 1nd Yokohama National University, 2rd Nagoya University, 3th Kyoto University, 4th Tohoku University, 5th Hiroshima University, 6th Tokyo Institute of Technology, 7th Kyushu University, 8th Tsukuba University, 9th Osaka University, Also 10th place Hitotsubashi University.National universities occupy all the top ten.In addition, the two private universities ranked in the top 10 are Waseda University (10th) and Keio University (20th), showing the outstanding superiority of national and public universities.

Reference: [Nikkei HR Co., Ltd.] University image survey from the perspective of corporate personnel personnel "Hokkaido University is ranked first overall in the employment ability ranking" 

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