International Christian University (ICU) (Mitaka City, Tokyo) will hold a "ICU Kids College" course for children to enjoy learning about natural sciences from August 2015 to 8, 25.The target is 27th to 3th graders. Speaking of ICU, the "ICU Junior Campus Camp" held every summer is very popular, but compared to the "Summer Camp" where you learn through play, this course has an academic learning element centered on experiments and observations. It will be included in the content.

The teachers who teach at our university and the teachers who are active teachers are instructing. ICU is a representative "liberal arts college" in Japan, and we will approach the field of natural sciences with the liberal arts-like way of thinking that this course also has no academic barriers.
Lectures consist of 1 classes per day, 2 minutes each (time: 1: 50-14: 00).The highlight is the "Nature Observation Tour" on Wednesday, 15th.We will do fieldwork in the forest with abundant nature on campus with Professor Taeko Tada, who has many books as a plant ecologist.Not only various wild birds and insects, but also animals live on campus, and there are also rare animals such as badgers.
Also, on the 25th (Tuesday), a science experiment with Professor Hideki Okamura of physics. On the 27th (Thursday), there will be a science show by Professor Manabu Toyama, who has a face as a magician, and the contents will be fun to learn.

This "ICU Kids College" will start a new program every month (about 3 times a month, Saturday afternoon).To apply, write your name, school name, contact information, etc. in an email and apply.Details such as the destination e-mail address can be found on the "ICU Service Official Website" of the operator.The number of applicants is 30 (the deadline is as soon as the capacity is reached, the minimum number of participants is 15), and the participation fee is 1 yen (including consumption tax and accident insurance).

Source:[ICU Service] Newsletter "ICU Kids College" starts

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