The British magazine "Times Higher Education (THE)" announced "THE Asian University Rankings 2020" on June 6, 3.The top was Tsinghua University in China, and the highest ranking of Japanese universities was 2020th at the University of Tokyo.This time, 7 schools, which are 30% more than the previous year, are targeted for ranking from 17 countries and regions.

 Tsinghua University in China is the top university in Asia, following 2019.The second place is also Peking University in China, which has risen from the fifth place in the previous year.The third place is National University of Singapore, which held the top position for three consecutive years until 1, but dropped in the ranking as in the previous year.Among Japanese universities, the University of Tokyo moved up one place from the previous year to 2th place, and Kyoto University dropped one place to 5th place.

 The number of universities ranked in Japan is 7, including the seven universities that were targeted for the first time this time, the highest number in the history of Asian rankings.110 schools ranked in the top 100.
The University of Occupational and Environmental Health, which was the first target, was ranked 57th in the top 100, and Kurume University was also ranked 192th in Thailand.

 Regarding Japanese universities, "Only 110 of the 6 universities ranked in Japan have risen. As universities in Asian countries are increasing their strengths, Japanese universities are struggling to maintain their ranks. There is. "In addition, "Asian universities have established themselves as key players in the global higher education world, and competition with neighboring countries, especially Tsinghua University and Beijing University, which have become two-top for the first time, is intensifying." doing.

 THE Asian University Rankings 2020 uses the same data as "THE World University Rankings 2020" and is evaluated in five fields: "education," "research," "cited papers," "income from industry," and "internationality."However, the weight of "education" and "income from industry" has been partially changed, and the relative ranking is partially different from the world ranking.

Reference: [Benesse Corporation] THE Asian University Rankings-1st and 2nd are China, and Japan's highest is 7th at the University of Tokyo.

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