The research group of Professor Kinichi Nakajima of Kyushu University is a study using mice at Tohoku University, Hoshi Pharmaceutical University, and the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Food Hygiene. Clarified the impact.We also discovered that voluntary exercise is effective as an improvement method.

 Epilepsy is a chronic neurological disorder that causes convulsions due to excessive excitement of nerve cells.Pregnant women with epilepsy are given antiepileptic drugs to prevent seizures.While much research has been done on teratogenicity, research on its effect on brain growth in the long run has been delayed.For example, it has been reported that children born to pregnant women who received one of the antiepileptic drugs, valproic acid (VPA), have lower cognitive function than those who do not, but the cause has not been investigated. Is not ...

 In order for women with epilepsy to become pregnant and give birth with peace of mind, it is essential to elucidate these causes and develop coping strategies.The group conducted an experiment in which VPA was administered to pregnant mice.During the course of brain development, the stem cells that give rise to nerve cells must differentiate into nerve cells at an appropriate rate.However, we found that this mouse produced more nerve cells than usual and became depleted of neural stem cells.As a result, nerve cells could not be reborn at the required stage, causing learning and memory impairment.Furthermore, the mouse born in this way was made to perform voluntary exercise by a turning wheel.Then, it became clear that neural stem cells proliferate and the functional abnormalities of the brain can be improved.

 There are many points to consider in order to apply this finding to humans.In addition, by investigating the mechanism in more detail, we will explore ways to improve other than voluntary exercise.The details of the effects on humans and how to deal with them will provide new guidance for choices when giving birth while treating.

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