On December 2015, 12, the Space Research Institute of Wakayama University will hold an event "Aim for Hayabusa3" to support the asteroid explorer "Hayabusa2" that performs an earth swing-by.

 "Hayabusa2" is the successor to "Hayabusa", which brought back samples from the asteroid Itokawa in 2010, and is an asteroid explorer made by further developing the technology and knowledge gained from "Hayabusa".Hayabusa2 was launched on December 2014, 12 for the purpose of making various observations on the asteroid "Ryugu" and making a sample return, and orbits the sun in a revolving orbit similar to that of the Earth. However, it is expected to approach the earth again on December 3, 1, a year later.After that, using the attraction of the planet called swing-by, we will change direction while accelerating by changing the speed and orbit, aiming for Ryugu.

 The aircraft will pass over Siberia on the day of the event, and will be closest to Hawaii at around 19:7 and exit toward the Southern Hemisphere. The parabolic antenna follows the trajectory and attempts to receive the radio waves transmitted by the aircraft.It is expected that the orbit of the spacecraft, which cannot be seen with the naked eye, can be known, and if the radio wave reception is successful, the speed can be estimated from the frequency.

 The event will be held at the radio communication observation facility on the Wakayama University campus, and you can enter at any time without reservation. * Canceled in stormy weather

Source:[Wakayama University] Aim for "HayabusaXNUMX"! -Let's see off to the adventure of space together-

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