From October 2015, Yahoo Japan Corporation has established a new recruitment quota to strengthen research on big data in 10 fields.
There are two courses, the first is the "Science Professional Course" for doctoral degree holders and others, and the second is the "Science Professional Course" for postdoctoral researchers. In order to deepen it, there is a "Specially Appointed Researcher Course" that enables fixed-term research at the Yahoo! JAPAN Research Institute, and we aim to hire about 20 people every year.

 This Yahoo! JAPAN Research Institute is a facility located in the Tokyo Midtown office of Yahoo Japan Corporation, which was established in 2007 to conduct research and development of next-generation Internet-related technologies.Jun Murai, Dean and Professor of the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, Keio University, serves as the chief advisor, promotes collaboration with universities and research institutes, and publishes research papers at numerous international conferences.

 The doctoral degree holders and postdocs employed in both courses will utilize Yahoo! JAPAN's unique multi-big data collected from more than 100 services, including "natural language processing," "machine learning," and "statistical modeling." I plan to be involved in research in 11 fields.In addition to introducing the research results to our own artificial intelligence technology, IoT, advertising technology, etc., we will utilize it to expand cooperation in the technical field with other companies and research institutes.

 In October 2015, Yahoo started a system to support the cost burden for employees to obtain a doctoral degree, and one data scientist is enrolled in the Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University.We will continue to focus on supporting doctoral degree holders unique to IT companies.

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