The Singapore Campus of the DigiPen Institue of Technology has announced the establishment of the DigiPen Game Studio (DGS).The aim is to train local indie game developers, partner with talented developers to commercialize their ideas and market them to the global market.

 The founding of DGS was made possible with the support of Nintendo and the Media Development Authority of Singapore.The university is particularly closely related to Nintendo, and in 1990 the university partnered with the Nintendo of America to establish the world's first faculty dedicated to game development, and at that time had a campus at Nintendo's Seattle headquarters. rice field. Future game titles developed at DGS will be rolled out on a variety of platforms, including Nintendo 3DS and other Nintendo platforms.

 In the fall of 2015, the 1st Digipen Game Conference will be held, and game ideas will be solicited at that seat.Great ideas are actually turned into games and delivered at the Nintendo eShop."The ultimate goal of DGS is to expand the game industry in Southeast Asia," said Jason Chu, chief operating officer of the university. Aims to announce the game of.

Source:[DigiPen Institute of Technology] DigiPen (Singapore) Announces DigiPen Game Studios

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