Yamaguchi University, in collaboration with Toyo Kohan Co., Ltd., has developed a gene analysis kit for women related to lifestyle-related diseases such as breast cancer and obesity.This research was carried out with the support of "Yamaguchi Industrial Strategy Research and Development Subsidy".

 The gene analysis kit developed this time is a kit for investigating 12 types of single nucleotide polymorphisms * related to lifestyle-related diseases such as breast cancer, obesity, diabetes and hypertension.Using biochip technology featuring surface treatment with a DLC (diamond-like carbon) layer from Toyo Kogyo Co., Ltd., 12 types of gene polymorphisms targeted can be simultaneously highly accurate and simple with a single chip. Can be measured.

In the future, the gene analysis kit will be used in the "Women's Health Evaluation Genetic Test", a health information distribution service specializing in promoting women's health, provided by Bracare Genetics Co., Ltd., a venture from Yamaguchi University.This test is a service that analyzes genes related to constitution such as appetite, obesity, metabolic syndrome, breast cancer, diabetes, and hypertension, and can be customized according to individual users.When applying for the test, the user puts his or her own fluid in a special container and sends it, then genetic analysis is performed, and the result can be viewed on the personal site. After conducting a monitor test on a scale of 1,000 people, the service is scheduled to start in April 2016.In addition, the patented technology "Breast Cancer Propensity Genetic Test" of Yamaguchi University School of Medicine, which determines whether the patient has a predisposition to breast cancer or a normal predisposition, is scheduled to be released.

* Single nucleotide polymorphisms are individual differences in the DNA sequences that make up a gene, and occur at a frequency of 1% or more of the population.


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