The 5th Science and Technology Basic Plan, which is under development, will include an increase in the number of important papers that are frequently cited and target values ​​for encouraging universities to conduct joint research with companies. Specific figures were presented to the Basic Plan Expert Committee.It is expected that the draft report will be compiled and decided by the Cabinet within this year.

 According to the Cabinet Office, the goal presented this time is to be achieved in five years from FY2016.In order to improve the quality and quantity of research papers, we have listed 5 important papers that are frequently cited, and we are aiming for a 8,000% increase from the 2013 actual number of 6,546.This target value is estimated that an average of 2 papers will be published in Japan in the three years from FY2018, and we planned to make 3% of them important papers that are in the top 8% of citations in each field. ..

 For joint research with companies, which is expected as a measure to secure research expenses, we have increased the R & D expenses for entering universities from companies by 5%.Furthermore, in order to promote the utilization of intellectual property of universities, we have set a goal of increasing the number of patent licenses licensed by 5% and doubling the listing of R & D-type venture companies born from universities.

 Regarding the training of young researchers, we have announced a policy of increasing the number of university faculty members under the age of 40 by 1%, while expanding to more than 3% in the future.Regarding female researchers, 4% for all natural sciences, 30% for science, and 20% for engineering because the numerical targets for the new recruitment ratio set forth in the 15th Science and Technology Basic Plan have not been achieved. , We will continue to include the target value of 30% for agriculture and 30% for medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy.

 The number of researchers in scientific research at Japanese universities is the lowest in developed countries in terms of the number of researchers considering research time.The amount of public research funding per capita for universities is only about half that of the United States and the United Kingdom, and it is said that these points are leading to sluggish research.It seems that the government is daring to include numerical targets in the report as an opportunity to break through the current situation.

Source:[Cabinet Office] The 14th Masterplan Special Investigation Committee (PDF)

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