Tamagawa University (Machida City, Tokyo) Academic Research Institute K-16 Integrated Education and Research Center held the International Bacarolea (IB) Education Forum "IB and Active Learning -Research and Practice-" on November 2015, 11.The forum is aimed not only at educators but also at people who are planning to study IB education, and this year marks the 28th time.

 The world-class university admission IB program is characterized by a constructivist aspect of "teaching" and "learning."Therefore, this year's forum was organized around "IB and Active Learning" so that young people can always have intellectual curiosity and spontaneity to acquire a "learning attitude" to become a lifelong learner. rice field.

 The morning session starts with a greeting by President Yoshiaki Obara and a lecture by Mr. Katsuyoshi Kobayashi, International Affairs Division, Minister's Secretariat, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.Mr. Kobayashi talked about the fusion of the conventional Japanese-style education program and the IB program under the title of "Current status and prospects of introducing IB education into Japan".In addition, a total of 5 lectures were given, including "IB for Japanese school education" by Maki Shibuya of Nara University of Education.

 In the afternoon, it will be held in the form of a subcommittee / experience-based workshop.Subjects such as English "Incorporating Visual Interpretation into Classes-Persuasion Techniques Learned from Advertising-", Geography "A Multifaceted World-Do You Know African Elephants?", And Model United Nations "Basics of Negotiations" It was done every time.

The research center of the university is pursuing research and practice in order to enhance the educational activities of K-16 (from kindergarten to university).The "Bakalorea Education Group" has been set up in the research department, and is engaged in research with the aim of developing human resources who have multicultural understanding based on an international perspective and can contribute to world peace as world citizens. increase.


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