Teikyo University and Meiji Co., Ltd. conducted joint research on "exploratory research on the effect of improving the intestinal environment by ingesting chocolate" and announced that continuous ingestion of high cacao chocolate confirmed the effect of improving stool.This effect may be due to the action of a new functional ingredient "cacao protein" derived from cacao.In addition, the extraction of cacao protein from this cacao was successful for the first time in the world through this joint research.

 Cacao protein is extracted from the residue after cocoa polyphenol extraction using an alkaline aqueous solution.As a result of ingesting the cocoa protein extracted in this way into the mice, it was confirmed that the fecal volume was increased as compared with the mice not ingesting the cocoa protein.

 The clinical study was divided into a high cacao chocolate intake group (20 people) with a cacao content of 50% and a white chocolate intake group (72 people) for women aged 16 to under 15 who tend to have constipation. ..As a result, items such as "number of defecations", "stool color", and "stool volume" were higher than those in the high cacao chocolate intake group, and the effect of changing "intestinal flora" was also confirmed.Cacao protein was found to be an indigestible protein, which allows it to reach the large intestine without being digested and absorbed in the small intestine, becoming a base for stool and increasing bulk, and serving as food for intestinal bacteria to provide intestinal flora. By changing it, it is expected to have an intestinal regulating effect.In other words, the improvement of bowel movements by cacao protein is not only a mechanism that promotes intestinal peristalsis by the action of conventional intestinal bacteria and improves bowel movements, but also a different approach called "stool bulking effect" is added to improve bowel movements. It will improve.

 There was no change in body weight during the study period of both groups in the clinical study.

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