In a joint research conducted by Professor Hiroyasu Inoue and Rieko Nakata of the Faculty of Living Environment, Nara Women's University, and Mercian Corporation, we confirmed the preventive effect of resveratrol, a type of polyphenol contained in red wine, on arteriosclerosis.The results of this research were presented on December 88, 38 at the 2015th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Biochemical Society and the 12th Annual Meeting of the Molecular Biology Society of Japan.

 In a joint study conducted by Nara Women's University and Mercian, arteriosclerosis model mice were allowed to freely ingest a diet containing resveratrol for 3 months, after which blood and aorta were collected, plasma lipid components were analyzed, and the inner wall of blood vessels was analyzed. We observed the arteriosclerotic lesions of the patient and verified the effect of taking resveratrol.As a result, compared to mice that did not receive resveratrol, the mice that received resveratrol had a reduced amount of oxidized LDL in the blood and suppressed inflammation in the blood vessels, thereby suppressing the progression of arteriosclerosis. It became clear.

 Mercian has been researching the relationship between the "French paradox" and polyphenols, which are attracting attention as an ingredient contained in red wine, for many years.The French paradox refers to the mechanism that "French people consume a lot of animal fat such as meat and dairy products, but the mortality rate from heart disease such as myocardial infarction is low".It is said that this is due to the high intake of wine by French people, but the detailed mechanism is unknown.Therefore, we came to this joint research because resveratrol contained in wine may be involved in this French paradox.

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