Tokyo Metropolitan University is the "Children and Youth Poverty Research Center" headed by Professor Aya Abe of the Department of Social Behavior, Graduate School of Humanities, as a research base for academically and systematically working on poverty research on children and youth in Japan. Was established on November 2015, 11.

 Currently, the relative poverty of many developed countries is no exception to Japan, and it has become a major social problem.In particular, it has been clarified that there are large disparities in the socio-economic environment of children, and it has become clear that there are children at the bottom of the socio-economic hierarchy that are unacceptable from the perspective of “human rights”. I've been.Against this background, the "Children and Youth Poverty Research Center" was established as the first research center in Japan to conduct interdisciplinary research on child and youth poverty.

 The "Children and Youth Poverty Research Center" was obtained at the Research Center in collaboration with researchers in social welfare, education, and psychology at Tokyo Metropolitan University, as well as other universities in Japan and overseas and international research institutions. The purpose of this research is to feed back the research results to local governments such as Tokyo, where measures against child poverty are obligatory, as research reports and training programs.In addition, in order to become a catalyst for poverty research in Japan so that poverty research does not end with a temporary epidemic in Japan and takes root in each academic field, writing textbooks on poverty studies, education, sociology, and social welfare. We aim to establish lectures on poverty in educational courses such as academics, develop teacher training courses, social welfare worker training courses, and poverty education programs for high school students.Furthermore, since Tokyo Metropolitan University is a university established by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, we will support child poverty alleviation in Tokyo, local governments in Tokyo, and local governments in various parts of Japan while working closely with the social welfare administration of the city. It is a policy to go.

Source:[Tokyo Metropolitan University] "Children and Youth Poverty Research Center" was established.

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Tokyo Metropolitan University changed the university name from "Tokyo Metropolitan University" to "Tokyo Metropolitan University" in April 2020.It is the only comprehensive university established by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and aims to contribute to the improvement and development of human society by achieving the results of education and research based on large cities.As part of that, a curriculum with a high degree of freedom and originality […]

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