LIXIL Co., Ltd., a comprehensive housing and living company, is conducting a demonstration experiment with the cooperation of Professor Ken Sakamura, director of the Ubiquitous Information and Social Infrastructure Research Center, Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, the University of Tokyo, which is a global authority on the Internet of Things (IoT). Announced that it will start the "LIXIL IoT House Project" for the utilization of IoT in living life, such as constructing a facility (scheduled to be completed in 2017).

 "IoT (Internet of Things)" is to perform automatic recognition, automatic control, remote measurement, etc. by giving communication functions not only to information and communication devices such as computers but also to objects (things) existing in the world. I say that.

 LIXIL Corporation established a research facility "U2009-Home" in 2, and is a communication network for LIXIL products such as gates, outer walls, windows and entrances, bathrooms and toilets, and home appliances and information equipment. I have been researching life in an computerized home that controls the living environment according to the living scene by coordinating with each other using windows and sensors.

 In this "LIXIL IoT House Project", as a new attempt, the possibility of "IoT" in the home through verification in real life using employee monitors and verification in a demonstration experiment facility based on an ideal model. To study.Specifically, the concept and preliminary experiments were first conducted in the first phase (1-2015), the demonstration environment was constructed in the second phase (2016-2), and the third phase (2016-). , We are planning to actually verify the effectiveness by a demonstration experiment.


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